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Something Rotten in the State of Newhoundland

Despite his initial confidence, Gadget BizHound was anxious about meeting the White Hat Team, as he had heard about their ruthlessness in dealing with Lord Black Hat and his minions. It turned out that his fears were entirely legitimate, but not for the reasons that he suspected.

Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird welcomed Gadget with open arms when he arrived at their secret headquarters. After passing the interview that appeared to be not much more than a formality, Gadget was named the fourth member of the White Hat Team. He wanted to begin the first official meeting by presenting evidence of his detective work, but the team had other ideas.

They said that they must take care of an urgent assignment in the name of The Search Engine, and they need Gadget’s help to prove the business guilty of associating with the Dark Lord in order to unethically raise its rankings. Putting his suspicions aside for the time being, Gadget focused all of his investigative skill on the task at hand – and promptly led the White Hat Team to none other than his parents’ insurance agency.

Gadget was shocked! He instantly realized something that he should have known sooner: If Lord Black Hat has affected the BizHound Insurance Agency, then Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird would be against Gadget’s parents and want to hurt them. Nevertheless, he quickly explained the Dark Lord’s vendetta against the BizHounds and said that The Search Engine itself and its Map Centre representatives can verify it.

In all other cases, the White Hat Team would not hesitate to strike against any business tarnished by Black Hat. However, Gadget’s plea stopped them. Panda himself – in charge of dealing with the Stackers, among others – admitted that his hand had been stayed more than once in the highly unusual case of the BizHound Insurance Agency. Maybe Gadget and his parents do deserve one more chance, he said, and the team agreed.

Relieved, Gadget promised that if the White Hat Team help him protect his parents’ agency, then he will become a full-time member of the team and help them in their efforts to protect The Search Engine’s impeccable image.

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The White Hat Team

When we last left Gadget BizHound, he was busy making plans to investigate the lead on Lord Black Hat’s hideout, which he had received from the Map Centre. Unfortunately, the holiday season has greatly interfered with his plans.

The most recent victory and improved relationship with The Search Engine has given Mr. and Mrs. BizHound an opportunity to celebrate the holidays and has significantly lowered their defences once more. Although Gadget was happy to have a vacation of his own, he knew that he must always remain on guard.

Now that the new year has begun, our hero has renewed his efforts to strike against Lord Black Hat when he least expects it. To do that, Gadget first had to admit that despite his best efforts and natural talent, he cannot do this alone. What he needs is a team stronger than the Dark Lord and any remaining minions he may have.

In recent weeks, word has reached Gadget that the elusive White Hat Team was sighted in the Newhoundland area. The White Hat Team is The Search Engine’s secret weapon, battling Lord Black Hat for several years now. All that Gadget knew of its members are their code names – Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird – and that their goal is to eliminate not only the types of unethical practices that the BizHound Insurance Agency has been attacked with but a myriad of other problems. They do this on a much broader scale than Gadget could ever cover on his own, and he knew that if he could only meet them, this would be his chance to help save the world!

Whether by sheer chance or fate, Gadget received an exclusive message from The Search Engine that the White Hat Team would like to invite him to join them. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are 3 parts of a nearly invincible whole, and yet they were missing precisely what Gadget has become known for: Unsurpassed investigative instincts and a rapidly improving intuition.

Gladly agreeing to the meeting, Gadget began gathering evidence and other key findings that he could present to his new team.

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What's in a Name?

If there was one thing that the recent altercation taught Gadget BizHound, it was that Lord Black Hat himself has finally entered the battlefield. That meant that our hero must tread much more carefully to escape the Dark Lord’s notice while counteracting his attacks.

Although he was well aware that a prolonged period of silence never means anything good, Gadget knew that he must investigate his only lead on the enemy’s whereabouts while he still had the element of surprise on his side. However, he received a disturbing call from the Map Centre and was informed that Lord Black Hat has struck again:

Where there was once a single, correct business listing for the BizHound Insurance Agency, there was now a new listing entitled “John and Anne BizHound” – the full names of Gadget’s parents. Except for the business name, this listing was absolutely identical to the original, and it had even received positive reviews from some of Mr. and Mrs. BizHound’s clients!

Although this new listing has not altered the Pack of Three as of yet, it could create problems with The Search Engine nonetheless. Therefore, Gadget took prompt action and asked the Map Centre representative to merge the two business listings into one listing by the name of “BizHound Insurance Agency: John and Anne BizHound.”

Mere days later, Gadget was pleasantly surprised to discover a dramatic increase in views by new Searchers, with his parents receiving many more visitors than before this all began. It seemed that Lord Black Hat had inadvertently helped the BizHounds. Could he finally be getting weaker or is this another trap?

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Out of the Pack!

It has been a difficult month for Gadget BizHound. Not only was he unable to capture and destroy The Naps as easily as he had destroyed Black Hat’s weaker minions, he was also beginning to think that he was being led on a wild-goose chase. After the first few strategically implemented attacks, The Naps were suddenly making frequent and erratic address changes that were nevertheless suspiciously easy to resolve.

Deciding to temporarily abandon the chase, our hero turned his attention to discovering the real issue at hand – and instantly regretted not having listened to his detective’s instincts sooner! Now, a sixth sense urged him to search for “Newhoundland Insurance,” which revealed what we already knew: A business named Newhoundland Insurance had taken one of the positions in The Search Engine’s Pack of Three, displacing the BizHound Insurance Agency from the list of the top three insurance businesses in the area.

Gadget knew that all he needs to do to resolve this is visit the Map Centre and report the fraudulent business, and he instantly took action. In most cases, it would be difficult to present sufficient proof to the Map Centre, as one would need to first find the competitor at fault. In this case, however, The Search Engine’s representative was able to track the creator of the business to a remote – and highly dangerous – area outside the city’s limits where no business could ever exist.

As a result, Gadget was able to celebrate three victories: The quick removal of the fraudulent business, his parents’ agency’s transfer back into the Pack of Three, and a potential lead on where Lord Black Hat might be hiding. Could it really be that simple to find him?, Gadget asked himself.

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Meanwhile, Behind Enemy Lines...

Lord Black Hat knew that although Gadget’s full attention appears to be on potential mishap caused by The Naps, the insurance detective would not miss the sudden appearance of a new problem – unless he is busy elsewhere. So, the Dark Lord instructed The Naps to create a series of diversions involving incorrect business information that would need to be taken care of immediately.

With Gadget thus occupied, Lord Black Hat was free to begin working on his master plan to finally take down the BizHound Insurance Agency. The Search Engine was likely on the alert for fraudulent activity after the latest string of incidents, but it was worth the risk: With the strongest business out of the way and the insurance detective eliminated, the Dark Lord was sure that he could remain hidden to continue his path of destruction.

The first step in Black Hat’s master plan was to make sure that the BizHound Insurance Agency is no longer among the top results Searches see when they search for local insurance. To do that, he created a fraudulent business entitled “Newhoundland Insurance,” also known as the BizHounds’ most successful search term. The goal was to displace the agency from The Search Engine’s list of the top three highest ranking insurance businesses in Newhoundland, also known as the Pack of Three.

Several days later, Lord Black Hat was surprised to find that “Newhoundland Insurance” had indeed appeared in the Pack of Three, successfully moving the BizHound Insurance Agency down to 4th place. The enemy rejoiced at this, wondering if perhaps The Search Engine is not an impenetrable fortress after all.

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