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Garnet Valley, PA

Garnet Valley Auto Insurance




Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania


Finding a reliable Auto insurance company in Garnet Valley, PA can be a long process. My BizHound is the perfect tool to help you choose the right insurance company that offers you low annual rates for car insurance in Garnet Valley, PA. With accident and theft rates in Pennsylvania you want to make sure your insurance plan covers you for every unexpected moment you could encounter, My Bizhound helps you find an insurance agent that can help answer all your questions.


Population in 2012


Auto Statistics in Pennsylvania

The Average cost of Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania is $1,604 according to This annual Car Insurance cost ranks the 16th most expensive state for Auto Insurance in the United States.


In 2010 Pennsylvania had 1,208 fatal car accidents, 33% of which involved a DUI.


Total Fatal Car Accidents: 1,208

Total Auto Deaths: 1,324

Drunk Driving Deaths: 433

Total Pedestrians Killed: 145



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