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John Ciorra State Farm Insurance, Insurance Agent, Local Insurance Agents, Insurance Agency Directory, Auto insurance quotes, Home insurance Quote, Bronx, NY
John Ciorra
5923 Riverdale Avenue
Bronx, NY
Allstate Insurance Bronx, NY
Byron Chambers
3903 Dyre Ave Bronx, NY, 10466
Bronx, NY
Allstate Insurance Bronx, NY,
Anthony Wright
1435 E Gun Hill Rd Bronx, NY, 10469
Bronx, NY
Allstate Insurance Bronx, NY
Cristina Aliperti
2941 Bruckner Blvd Bronx, NY, 10461
Bronx, NY
Allstate Insurance  Bronx, NY
Anthony Menniti
3805 E Tremont Ave Bronx, NY, 10465
Bronx, NY
Allstate Insurance Bronx, NY
Daniel Bosque
5608 Broadway Frnt 1
Bronx, NY
Allstate insurance Bronx, NYclient portrait
Antonio Velazquez
2450 Eastchester Rd Bronx, NY, 10469
Bronx, NY
Auto Insurance, Bronx, NY, New York, State Farm, Dalila Hockemeyer Namy, General, Life, Health, Commercial, Property, Home
Dalila Hockemeyer Namy
726 E 233rd St
Bronx, NY
client portrait
Calvin Charles 
2001 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, NY

Bronx Auto Insurance

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Bronx, New York


It is important to find a good insurance agency in Bronx, NY and surrounding areas. With accident and theft rates in New York you want your car insured, and for the lowest annual rate. My BizHound provides you with insurance agency and agent information so you can see what your options are, when it comes to finding that perfect rate for Auto Insurance in Bronx, NY. 


Population in 2012


Auto Statistics in New York

The Average cost of Auto Insurance in New York is $1,369 according to This annual Car Insurance cost ranks the 33rd most expensive state for Auto Insurance in the United States.


In 2010 New York had 1,127 fatal car accidents, 30% of which involved a DUI.


Total Fatal Car Accidents: 1,127

Total Auto Deaths: 1,200

Drunk Driving Deaths: 364

Total Pedestrians Killed: 303



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