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Finding a Local Insurance Agent in Tennessee is not easy. With the number of Insurance companies and agents that are in Tennessee today it is almost impossible to choose the right company with just one call. My BizHound is here to help with your dilemma. With the number of agents in our growing online Local Insurance directory it gives you the chance to take your time to Search for an insurance agent near you, and not be sucked into a contract by an agent before considering your options first. The Local Insurance Agents in the Tennessee Directory, can provide you with an online quote so you can compare Insurance companies before making a decision.  

If you’re looking for Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance General Insurance to even Life insurance in Tennessee My BizHound is here to help!

Below you will find our Five Star Agents in Tennessee to help you on your way with any questions and concerns. Click their “Agent Page” and you can request an online, hassle free, quote from any of these local Insurance Providers, or search your city by clicking on the “Find Agent” button to find a Tennessee Insurance agent near you.


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State Summary

Population: 6,403,353

Change From 2000: +656,822

Capital: Nashville

Auto Thefts: 14,973

Auto Accidents: 874

Auto Fatalities: 946

Accidents by Day of Week

Saturday: Accidents 180

Sunday: Accidents 134

Friday: Accidents 132

Thursday: Accidents 119

Tuesday: Accidents 108

Wednesday: Accidents 104

Monday: Accidents 97

Most dangerous Roadways

I-40: Accidents 39

US-SR1: Accidents 27

I-24: Accidents 20

US-SR3: Accidents 11

I-75: Accidents 10




Bodily Injury Liability

Auto isnruance Covers Expenses due to injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian when the accident is your fault
$25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident $100,000 per person/ $300,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability

Auto insurance Covers Expenses due to damage of another person’s property. This includes damage to: Vehicles, Homes, building, etc. when the accident is your fault
$15,000 $50,000

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Auto insurance Covers Medical Expenses, if the other driver is at fault and does not have enough insurance.
Not Required $100,000 per person/ $300,000 per accident

Medical Payments/ Personal Injury

If you or any one in your vehicle are hurt in an Auto accident, this will cover your medical/funeral expenses
Not Required $2,000


Auto insurance Covers any expenses to repair or replace your vehicle that has been damaged.
Not Required $500 deductible


Auto Insurance Covers expenses to repai or replace your vehicle that’s been damages in thefts/Storms
Not Required $100 deductible



Tennessee Auto Insurance

Tennessee Auto Insurance may also be known as GAP Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, or Motor Insurance, and is purchased to cover and provide financial protection for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The Protection that Auto Insurance provides is Physical Damage, Bodily Injury, traffic Collisions, and against liability that could also arise from the specific terms of vehicle insurance. Car Insurance can also protect you against theft of the vehicle and possibly damage that was sustained from things other than a traffic collision. 

For Auto Insurance in Tennessee, it differs State to State and each State have their own rules and regulations for mandatory minimum coverage on their Auto Insurance. For more information on Tennessee mandatory coverage details its best to contact a Tennessee Local Insurance Agent near you. However each city could be a little different then the State as a whole. Depending on the amount of people in a City will depend on what an insurance agency would suggest that you get to cover your vehicle. 


The following is a breakdown of all the types of insurance coverage:

-Collision: Covers the expenses related to the damage or destruction of your vehicle that has been in an accident.

-Comprehensive: Covers expenses related to the damage or destruction of your vehicle in situations like thefts or storms

-Liability: There are two types of liability coverage, they include Bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This coverage is used when an accident is your fault. Bodily injury Liability involves and will cover any expenses related to the injury or death of another driver or a pedestrian. Property damage liability covers expenses related to the damage of another person's property like vehicles, homes, buildings, and other structures

-Medical Payments: If you or your passengers are hurt in an accident, this can help cover any medical or funeral expenses. 

-Personal Injury Protection: If you or your passengers are hurt in an accident, this can help cover your medical expenses plus related expenses like income continuation.

-Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist: This coverage is for any medical expenses and or repairs if you are in an accident and the other drive is at fault, but they do not have any or enough insurance to cover the expenses.

-Personal Umbrella Policy: This offers protection against liability claims or judgments, kicking in when your auto insurance liability limits have already been reached.

-Rental Reimbursement: Helps cover the cost of any rental car if your vehicle is getting repairs.

-Sound System: The coverage of replacing any stolen or damaged audio equipment.

-Towing and Labor: Covers the cost of getting your car towed, or any common roadside services like a tire change or jump-starts.


To find Local car insurance companies for more Information on Texas car insurance regulations please visit our Local auto Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



Tennessee General Insurance

Tennessee General Insurance is a combination of a couple different Insurance types. These Insurance types include Auto Insurance and Homeowners Insurance policies. General insurance is usually defined as any Insurance that is not determined as a life insurance. 

To find Local General Insurance companies for more Information please visit our Local General Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



Tennessee Property and Casualty Insurance (Home or Homeowners Insurance)

Tennessee Property Insurance otherwise known as Home Insurance protects your home and personal property from loss. It includes the coverage of medical payments in case there is an injury and someone gets hurt on your property, and also helps protect your assets if your found liable for the accident. 


Property and casualty Insurance is a combination of the following:

-Homeowners Insurance

-Condo Insurance

-Manufactured Homeowners Insurance

-Renters Insurance

-Farms and ranches Insurance

-Small Business Insurance


Whether if you own or rent your home in Tennessee and is contents are likely your biggest investment. By purchasing Property and Casualty Insurance you are protected from any risk that could happen. My BizHound helps you find a Local Homeowners Insurance agent in Tennessee that much easier.

To find Local Homeowners Insurance companies for more Information please visit our Homeowners Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



Tennessee Health Insurance

Tennessee Health Insurance is to protect an individual against the risk of incurring medical expenses. According to the Health Insurance Association of America, health Insurance is defined as "coverage” that provided for the payments of benefits as a result of sickness or injury. Tennessee Health Insurance Includes insurance for losses from accident, medical expenses, disability, or accidental death and dismemberment".

The United States Health Insurance is any program that helps pay for medical expenses, weather through privately purchased insurance, or a program funded by the government. Different health insurance provides different levels of financial protections in Tennessee so to find the Health Insurance plan that fulfill your needs please visit our Tennessee Health Insurance Agents to contact an agent.



Tennessee Life Insurance

Tennessee Life Insurance provides financial security in the event of an unthinkable incident, in which you know your family will be covered for any expenses there may be. Some of these expenses could include the coverage of medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage or rent, college tuition and many other expenses you may have. By having a Tennessee Life Insurance plan it gives you the peace of mind for knowing that regardless of what happens, your family is protected from these expenses through your coverage. 

For more information about Tennessee Life Insurance Coverage My BizHound helps you find an Insurance agent that is knowledgeable and willing to help you understand the benefits of having Life Insurance and to help you find the coverage that's right for you and your loved ones. 

To find Local Life Insurance companies for more Information please visit our Local Life Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



Tennessee Commercial Insurance

Tennessee Commercial Insurance, also known as Tennessee Business Insurance, which helps protect your business from its own exposures. What exposures are, are risks they your business generates during the course of its operations. 

If someone is hurt using any of the products that your business produces it’s your responsibility. Operations like constructions carry defective workmanship claims and site safety claims. If an employee is using a company vehicle in the course of a business day dictates a need for commercial auto insurance. There are many types of Tennessee Commercial Insurance Coverage Plans that are to be looked at before purchasing. Depending on what your Tennessee Company does depends on what plan is right for you. The agents listed on My BizHound can help you find the right Coverage for you to help with your every need.

To find Local Commercial Insurance companies for more Information please visit our Local Commercial Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



Tennessee Bail Bonds Insurance

Tennessee Bail Bond Insurance is a policy that dictates that a defendant will be released on bail while their trial is occurring. The contracts state that the accused must make all necessary court appearances and stay in compliance with their bail agreement. A Bail Bond Company provide commercial sale of bail bond insurance to help individuals to get back to their lives while they wait for their trial to come to a close

My BizHound Helps you find a Local Bail Bond Insurance Agent so you can find a Tennessee Bail Bondsman easily.

To find Local Bail Bond Insurance companies for more Information please visit our Local Bail Bond Insurance Agents in Tennessee to contact an agent.



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